All your clients in one database

Work easier, faster and more efficient

Tango CRM - customer relationship management system

A smart way to manage your contacts

Thousands of contacts available within seconds.
Suppliers, potential and existing customers in a single database.

Simple and clear work process

Plan task for yourself or delegate it to others. Never lose or forget a singl task ever again.

Mobile business

Tasks always with you in your mobile phone. No need to install anything on your mobile device. All the tasks will be displayed in your phone's main calendar.

Sync your email with CRM

Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Outlook express, Thunderbird or any other software you use for emails can be synchronized with CRM software.

Email marketing

Send thousands of e-mails directly from the CRM application. Sort your customers by any criteria.

Proposals and contracts within a few seconds

Word or Excel document templates. Data from CRM application to the documents will be transferred automatically.

Lightning speed document search

Instantly locate the document you want in CRM program. The program is looking for a document both by its description, as well as by its content.

Automatic reports

Almost every field in CRM programa is a value for report. See up to ten reports at once.


Don't be late for anything ever again. Delegate and monitor all your tasks.

Synchronizing with the accounting program

Print invoices directly from the CRM application. See turnovers, debtors and payment history.


The quantity and turnover of good. Have all the technical details and pictures of every product.


Simple and fast way to share your news with your colleagues.

Cloud computing

No need for investment in to servers or software. Do not worry about installation or system updates. Use your CRM program from any point  in the world.

Our clients

Customer relationship management (CRM) - it is everything that is connected with potential and existing client relationship management. CRM is both technologies, business ideology and anything that supports your goal that is to make you clients satisfied. CRM is a long term and a short term strategies where the client is always a central axis.

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  • Tango CRM software is a customer relationship management program that includes task management, client management and document management. It is an opportunity to store most important business data in one place and to be able to see it’s change in a real time, share this information with your colleagues, operatively execute and delegate all the tasks.

    You can start working with CRM software just in one day. You don’t need to have a server or administrator to run it, all that will be provided by our specialists.

    Why CRM software?
    Just the way land-line phones where displaced with mobile phones, traditional mail displaced with email, in a same way old fashion tools for working with clients are displaced with modern CRM software. Though in a big companies CRM softwares are used already for decades but just in a last years because of Internet expansion and cloud computing it became available almost for every business in the world. Today you don’t need neither big investments or special knowledge to start working with CRM software, all you need today is a wish to start working more effective and a wish to be able to deliver more quality services to your clients.

  • CRM software on demand (web based CRM software)
    In order to avoid big investments in buying expensive CRM software and investing even more into servers, high speed Internet and qualified personnel now you can simply rent CRM software and use it directly on the web. CRM software on demand is very convenient because any time you can easily change the amount of users that are working with a client relationship management software. With web based CRM software you don't need to worry about maintenance or updates. Now you can focus on that what is the most important - make your client happy.