CRM benefits


  • All the data about the client is gathered in one place
  • See calendars of every employee
  • Automatic task reminders
  • Task deadline control
  • Fast and easy data exchange between colleagues
  • Document search by it’s content
  • Mobile phone calendar synchronization
  • E-mail synchronization
  • Any report just in seconds

CRM system costs less than 1% off all expenses on employee


(IF) Employee salary + taxes + workplace = $2500 per month

(THEN) $29 for CRM per month will be only 0,96% of all costs on employee. That means that it’s enough to rise workers efficiency only by 1% so that CRM system would buy off or in other words would be for free. By our clients estimations after starting using CRM system their employee efficiency rise from 15% to 50%.
Our clients