CRM program


  • All clients in one place
  • All scheduled and completed tasks
  • Phone no, addresses, e-mails etc.
  • Fast data search
  • Track important dates
  • Problem registration and solving history


  • Task planing, assigning and reminding
  • Task history, durations and instant reports
  • Task delegations and tracking
  • Group tasks
  • Plan your projects
  • Deadline management
  • Vacation, work trips or absence because of illness


  • Incoming, outgoing and internal documents
  • Proposals (pending sales)
  • Contract registration (sales analysis)
  • Automatic document numbering
  • Individual document folders
  • Search through document content


  • All reports just in seconds
  • Every field is an indicator for report
  • Reports about a person, group or all company activity
  • Real time information
  • Export everything to .xls


  • People can see only what is allowed for to see
  • Control what can be seen, changed or deleted
  • Obligatory fields to ensure that all information is filled correctly
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